black boots in the summer

black boots in the summer (the affordable version)  contains three sections: 

one  is a self-reflexive dialogue between Nuyorican fashion illustrator/virtuoso Antonio Lopez’s and java’s work, focusing on states of being and becoming through the lens of sex, class, gender, health and race. It provides fluid imagery, responding to java’s desire to express a more truthful, public self who does not conform to any one sexual or gender identity in any space or time.
in otha words, i talk about the parallels between the work of me and dis fly ass nigga from the 80s. and how our work can save niggas if understood as real, if understood that nigga's bodies can shapeshift, so to speak, at *anytime, anyplace fr fr.
Another  embodies a diary, beginning the first day of thesis. At the end of undergrad experience, java is rage, java is love, java is tide but mountainous. a 3-year romantic relationship taught beauty, while the battle for freedom (no fear) has affirmed one doesn’t need wings to fly but an imagination–which Grandma always knew. “You can do anything you put your mind to, Tré”.  

in otha words, i open up about all the shit i was feelin and goin thru durin thesis–4rm heartbreaks 2 breakthroughs. i realized anything is possible if u believe–no funny shit. :)
And the other is visuals. The absence of java’s clear, explicit self in any of the visuals nods at java’s fear, play and grace. Think of it as java twirling naked for the first time in front of an audience of _____________ saints.
in otha words, i'm my worst enemy.
Animation Coming Soon. Preview below: